Small Things Make a Big Difference at Oil Can Henry's

Small things make a big difference at Oil Can Henry's, where you relax in the comfort of your own vehicle and watch as our trained technicians perform the vehicle maintenance services you request.

For example, the bow tie worn by Oil Can Henry's technicians is a small thing... a strip of fabric and a few clips. But it can make a big difference in how well your vehicle is maintained. That's because an Oil Can Henry's bow tie represents months of in-depth training and personalized attention to detail that ensures you receive thorough, expert service every time.

A drop of used motor oil is, by itself, a small thing. But it represents a growing problem, because every year more than 220,000,000 gallons of used motor oil are not recycled or reused.

  1. Oil Can Henry's is providing a solution to this problem by recycling the used motor oil, oil filters, coolant and other materials from our services. In fact, last year we recycled:
  2. * 1,000,000 gallons of used motor oil;
  3. * 52,000 pounds of used oil filters; and
  4. * 47,000 gallons of used coolant.
  2. Wherever possible, we also recycle used wiper blades, plastic oil bottles and packaging such as cardboard. Learn more about our recycling program here.

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