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When it comes to oil changes and other important maintenance services for your vehicle, trust Oil Can Henry's.

You relax in the comfort of your own car, enjoy a free newspaper, and watch and listen as our trained technicians complete the services you request. The video monitor placed next to your driver's side window provides live views of our technicians at work under the hood and under the vehicle.

Throughout your service, we'll explain your vehicle manufacturer's recommended service schedules so you feel comfortable making educated decisions about service for your vehicle.

  • Famous 20-Point Full-Service Oil Change Learn More

    Famous 20-Point Full-Service Oil Change

    Our Famous 20-Point Full-Service Oil Change is preventive maintenance that helps ensure your vehicle is operating safely and efficiently.

    It’s easy, too! You just relax in the comfort of your car as we perform the oil change and complete a thorough review of your vehicle’s recommended services, as determined by the manufacturer.

    Each oil change also comes with Henry’s Top-Up Guarantee: If your vehicle is low on any fluid within three months of your last Oil Can Henry’s service, go to any Oil Can Henry’s service center, present the receipt from your last service and we’ll “top-up” the fluid to its proper level at no charge.

    Note: For your safety, we do not top-up brake fluid.


    Our Famous 20-Point Full-Service Oil Change includes:

    • New Oil*
    • New Oil Filter
    • Lubricate Chassis
    • Wash Windshield
    • Under Hood Visual Inspection
    • Under Chassis Visual Inspection



    • Power Steering Fluid
    • Battery
    • Transmission/Transaxle
    • Differential (Front and Rear)
    • Transfer Case
    • Radiator Coolant Recovery Level
    • Windshield Washer Fluid
    • Tire Pressure



    • Brake Fluid
    • Air Filter
    • Crankcase Breather (PCV Filter)
    • PCV Valve
    • Lights
    • Windshield Wipers

    * Up to five quarts of oil.

  • Additives & Treatments Learn More

    Additives & Treatments

    Oil Can Henry's proudly features Gold Eagle brand additives and treatments. Founded in 1932, Gold Eagle is one of the world's leading automotive additive and fluid manufacturers.

    Learn more about the additives and treatments we provide by clicking on the links to the left.

  • Air Conditioning Recharge Learn More

    Air Conditioning Recharge

    Does it feel a little bit warmer inside your vehicle? Does it take longer for your windows to de-fog? Your Air Conditioning (AC) System may be in need of a recharge.

    The AC system removes heat and humidity from the cabin to help the interior of your vehicle feel cooler and de-fog windows. Refrigerant can slowly leak out through the service ports or rubber hoses, resulting in low refrigerant levels and gradually higher air temperature coming from your AC system. This rise in temperature occurs over a long period of time and is so gradual that you may not even notice it. But don’t sweat it! Our Air Conditioning Recharge service helps restore the performance of your vehicle’s AC system by removing moisture (which can damage AC components) and replacing lost refrigerant. In fact, recharging your system can lower the AC temperature by as much as 30º F. Our thorough service also includes a leak test and visual inspection of the system. We recommend that you recharge your vehicle’s AC system every two years to restore lost refrigerant and remove moisture from the system. Unsure if you need the service? Ask for a free, no obligation temperature reading today!

  • Air Filter Replacement Learn More

    Air Filter Replacement

    What does an Air Filter do? Air flow is an important part of the combustion process that powers your vehicle’s engine. Air is drawn into the engine through the air filter, which, as the name suggests, cleans and filters the air to keep impurities such as dust, pollen and insects from damaging internal engine components.


    What are the benefits of an Air Filter Replacement? A dirty or clogged Air Filter reduces the amount of air that can be drawn into the engine, which can reduce engine performance and fuel economy. Periodic Air Filter Replacement is good preventative maintenance. By replacing a dirty Air Filter, you can protect your engine and maintain engine performance. You may improve your gas mileage, too.


    When should I replace my Air Filter? Oil Can Henry’s checks your Air Filter as part of our Famous 20-Point Full-Service Oil Change.

    Replacement intervals for your air filter will vary, based in part on your driving conditions. A good rule of thumb is to check your Air Filter regularly and replace it every 10,000 – 15,000 miles. Refer to your vehicle owner's manual for recommended service intervals.

    Also refer to our Cabin Air Filter Replacement service.

  • Automatic Transmission Flush Learn More

    Automatic Transmission Flush

    What does Automatic Transmission Fluid do? Automatic Transmission Fluid lubricates, cools and cleans components of your vehicle’s transmission.

    When your vehicle is operating, this fluid is circulated through the transmission every four minutes. Automatic Transmission Fluid breaks down with use and heat, reducing its effectiveness and placing your transmission at risk of failure.

    What is the Automatic Transmission Flush service? Replacing automatic transmission fluid is a preventative maintenance service for most vehicles. Our Automatic Transmission Flush removes virtually 100% of your vehicle’s old Automatic Transmission Fluid and replaces it with fresh, new fluid.

    What are the benefits? As a preventative maintenance service, the Automatic Transmission Flush service results in better protection for your transmission and better performance from your vehicle.

    When should I have it done? The effectiveness of Automatic Transmission Fluid can decline by 46% within 30,000 miles. That’s why we recommend this service be completed every 30,000 miles – sooner if you use your vehicle for towing or severe service. Refer to your vehicle’s owner manual for recommended service intervals.

  • Cooling System Flush Learn More

    Cooling System Flush


    What does my vehicle’s Cooling System do? The Cooling System keeps the engine operating at a consistent temperature to ensure peak operating efficiency. Antifreeze is a critical fluid that protects an engine from overheating, freezing, rust and corrosion. Antifreeze also provides lubrication for the water pump. Over time, antifreeze will break down and lose its ability to provide the proper engine protection.


    What is the Cooling System Flush service? The Cooling System Flush is a preventative maintenance service designed to clean out corrosion and contaminants while replacing all of the antifreeze in a vehicle’s Cooling System. This helps the vehicle run cooler, restores freeze protection, prolongs the life of a water pump, and protects the radiator, heater core and other internal engine components from corrosion.

    What are the benefits? Old, worn-out antifreeze can destroy components of the cooling system and even the engine. Our Cooling System Flush is an important preventative maintenance service that helps prevent the rust, corrosion, leaks and engine damage that can be caused by worn-out antifreeze.

    Plus, we collect the used fluid and send it to be recycled.

    When should I have it done? Refer to your vehicle owner's manual for recommended service intervals. This service should be done before the antifreeze wears out and loses its protective qualities.

  • Engine Flush Learn More

    Engine Flush

    What are the benefits of an Engine Flush? Our Engine Flush service is designed to clean out sludge from inside the engine.

    Sludge is the thick, dark substance that is formed when older motor oil reacts with dirt, water, oxygen and extreme high and low temperatures.

    Over time, sludge builds up in an engine and can block vital oil passages inside, preventing motor oil from reaching all areas of the engine. Sludge can also contaminate new oil.

    The Engine Flush service removes sludge from the engine to ensure proper engine lubrication.


    When should I have an Engine Flush completed? As a "Get Clean" service, we recommend the Engine Flush if your engine has not received regular oil changes or if it shows signs of sludge.

    We also offer a “Keep Clean” oil system cleaner, which can be used in less severe cases of sludge build-up.

  • Fuel Filter Replacement Learn More

    Fuel Filter Replacement


    What does a Fuel Filter do? The Fuel Filter removes contaminants from the fuel before it enters the engine’s carburetor or fuel injectors.


    What are the benefits of a Fuel Filter Replacement? Changing the Fuel Filter at the recommended service interval helps keep the fuel system clean from dirt and rust. This maintains fuel pump life, emissions, fuel efficiency and performance.


    When should I replace my Fuel Filter? Refer to your vehicle owner's manual for recommended service intervals.


    Please note: This service may not be available at all locations. Please contact your local center for details.

  • Full-Service Supreme Learn More

    Full-Service Supreme

    A schedule of consistent oil changes is key to maintaining your vehicle's warranty and keeping your vehicle running better and lasting longer. Our Full-Service Supreme oil change helps maintain engine performance and extend engine life. The Full-Service Supreme includes our Famous 20-Point Full-Service Oil Change plus Golden Touch® Oil System Cleaner and your choice of one other performance-enhancing Gold Eagle additive or treatment. Oil System Cleaner helps remove the sludge, gum and harmful acids that remain attached to the inside of your vehicle's engine after old oil has been drained. This improves oil circulation and ensures clean oil is going into a clean engine.

    Fuel System Cleaner cleans the fuel tank, fuel lines and carburetor/fuel injectors as you drive to prevent rough idling and engine stalling. Treat your engine to a Full-Service Supreme today!

  • Gearbox Service Learn More

    Gearbox Service

    What does Gearbox Fluid do? Gearbox refers to differentials, final drives, manual transmissions and transfer cases. Each of these gearbox types requires a specific fluid for proper lubrication. Gearbox fluid protects these drive train parts and components against damage from heat and contaminants by lubricating gears, shafts and bearings.


    What are the benefits of a Gearbox Fluid Service? Like any fluid, Gearbox Fluid breaks down over time and loses its ability to lubricate and protect vital drive train components. Our Gearbox Fluid Service includes draining of the old fluid, inspection of the drain plugs, and a fill with new Gearbox Fluid.


    When should I have a Gearbox Fluid Service performed? Refer to your vehicle owner's manual for recommended service intervals.

  • Light Bulb Replacement Learn More

    Light Bulb Replacement


    For your safety, part of our service is to check the operation of the exterior lights on your vehicle. We can replace most light bulbs, turn signal lights, brake lights and headlights.

  • Power Steering Flush Learn More

    Power Steering Flush


    What are the benefits of a Power Steering Flush? Compared to other systems of a vehicle, the Power Steering system uses a relatively small quantity of fluid to perform a tremendous amount of work. For this reason, Power Steering fluid deteriorates over time and becomes contaminated. Our Power Steering Flush cleans the power steering system, removing sludge and contaminates, and replaces the old fluid with new. This helps to ensure proper protection and lubrication of the Power Steering components.

    When should I have my Power Steering flushed? The Power Steering Flush is a preventative maintenance service designed for power steering systems with contaminated fluid or when the fluid has not been changed for three years or 30,000 miles.

  • Serpentine Belt Replacement Learn More

    Serpentine Belt Replacement


    What does a Serpentine Belt do? The Serpentine Belt gets its name because it snakes around several components of your engine - including the alternator, air conditioner, power steering and water pump - and powers them as the crankshaft turns.

    When should I have Serpentine Belt Replacement? The Serpentine Belt drives several engine components. So, when the belt fails, all the associated components - the alternator, air conditioner, power steering and water pump - stop working. That's why it’s in your best interest to replace a Serpentine Belt before it breaks.

    We recommend that you regularly check your Serpentine Belt for signs of wear, such as every time you have your oil changed. If you see any cracks or fraying, it’s best to replace the belt before it breaks.

    Listen for signs of wear, too. A squealing belt may need to be replaced.

    It's also recommended that you plan to replace the Serpentine Belt as preventative maintenance every 60,000 to 80,000 miles.

    Refer to your vehicle owner's manual for recommended service intervals.

  • Total Kleen Out Learn More

    Total Kleen Out

    What are the benefits of Total Kleen Out?

    Total Kleen Out (TKO) is designed for cleaning severe deposit build-up. It is considered a "Get Clean" service, as opposed to Fuel System Cleaner, which is a "Keep Clean" service. TKO cleans the entire fuel and intake manifold component system including: intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers.

    TKO is designed for gasoline engines. One bottle of TKO treats up to 18 gallons of fuel.

    For our diesel customers, we offer Diesel Power Complete Fuel System Treatment.

    When should I have a Total Kleen Out performed?

    As a "Get Clean" service, TKO is designed for vehicles with more than 20,000 miles that have never used a Fuel System Cleaner and have a rough idle.

  • Wiper Blade Replacement Learn More

    Wiper Blade Replacement


    Wiper Blades can harden and/or break down due to extreme hot and cold conditions. Replacing your wiper blades on a regular basis is a good maintenance practice to ensure you can always see clearly while driving.

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