Cooling System Flush


What does my vehicle’s Cooling System do?
The Cooling System keeps the engine operating at a consistent temperature to ensure peak operating efficiency. Antifreeze is a critical fluid that protects an engine from overheating, freezing, rust and corrosion. Antifreeze also provides lubrication for the water pump. Over time, antifreeze will break down and lose its ability to provide the proper engine protection.


What is the Cooling System Flush service?
The Cooling System Flush is a preventative maintenance service designed to clean out corrosion and contaminants while replacing all of the antifreeze in a vehicle’s Cooling System. This helps the vehicle run cooler, restores freeze protection, prolongs the life of a water pump, and protects the radiator, heater core and other internal engine components from corrosion.

What are the benefits?
Old, worn-out antifreeze can destroy components of the cooling system and even the engine. Our Cooling System Flush is an important preventative maintenance service that helps prevent the rust, corrosion, leaks and engine damage that can be caused by worn-out antifreeze.

Plus, we collect the used fluid and send it to be recycled.

When should I have it done?
Refer to your vehicle owner's manual for recommended service intervals. This service should be done before the antifreeze wears out and loses its protective qualities.

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