Emission System Cleaner

What does my vehicle's emission system do?
The emissions system in a vehicle includes the fuel system, engine sensors, and the exhaust system.  All of these pieces work together to inject the correct amount of fuel, allowing for the lowest emissions possible. The catalytic converter then vaporizes the remaining fuels in the exhaust stream.

Why should I have it cleaned?
Over time, moisture in the fuel system can lead to deposit buildup. This can cause less efficient combustion, reduced emissions, and reduced power from the vehicle.

What are the benefits of the Emission System Cleaner?
Our Emission System Cleaner service removes carbon deposits and restores power and fuel economy by thoroughly cleaning the entire fuel and emissions system, including fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chamber.

When should I have it done?
Oil Can Henrys recommends that the emissions system fuel cleaning be done every 15,000 miles. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific factory recommendations.

Is it safe for vehicles with oxygen sensors and catalytic sensors?
An Emission System Cleaner service is safe and recommended for vehicles with oxygen and catalytic sensors.

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